A Chat Platform

A one-to-one cloud based communication platform that provides customers the ability to communicate with your business through WhatsApp™, Facebook™ Messenger, Viber™, Telegram™ App, SMS & Live Chat. There are no apps to install.

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That can be used for

Service & Sales
Proof of ID & Income
NCa & FICa Compliance
Online Sports Betting
Tenant Communication
Team Collaboration
Online Retail
Insurance Industry
Complaints Handling
Emergency Services
Contact Centres
Repairs & Maintenance
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Why use chat apps to communicate?

Chat vs Call

Reach your customers where they spend most of their time. 72% of users checks their favourite chat app everyday, whilst the average user checks WhatsApp™ app at least 23 times per day! Customers prefer chat interfaces over other traditional mediums.

Rich Communication

Give customers the ability to communicate with your business through images, text and voice notes. Imagine receiving a picture of an ID or a playslip. Proven increase in the speed of new client acquisition.


Our solution complies with POPI, ETCa, FICa and the National Credit Regulator in terms of the requirements for document collection. Chat apps are not bulk messaging tools and no unsolicited messages are allowed.

Cost Effective

The introduction of chat into multi-channel environments has seen a marked decline in phone calls, email and SMS communication. We see the cost of communicating reducing even further both for customers and businesses.

One Inbox

With so many great social tools coming online every year it has become increasingly difficult for businesses to take advantage of them all without a dedicated social media team. We give you one inbox to manage all of it!

Your Brand

Brand all your WhatsApp™ communications with your company logo. Unlike anonymous SMS, your customers will be able to immediately recognise your brand. Your brand now appears next to their BFF.

What are the features & benefits?


  • Ultimate convenience. Customers simply log a ticket via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram or SMS
  • Send and receive images, video and location information.
  • Handovers between operators become a breeze. The entire conversation history is stored and easily referenced by any agent.
  • Unlike traditional contact centres, call cut-offs are a thing of the past.
  • The convenience of chat based customer services means a customers can resume the conversation at any time.
  • Your customer's cell phone number becomes the only reference number you need.

Benefits for your business:

  • One agent can handle 7 times more chat conversations than calls
  • Customers constantly asking for the same information? Add your own template responses to frequently typed answers or use our smart menus or bots.
  • Reduce the cost of providing customer service. Reduce SMS, calls, emails and walk-ins, but most of all communicate with customers through their channel of choice.
  • Tired of scrolling through voice recordings? View the entire chat history in seconds and continue the conversation where you last ended.
  • Quick and easy transfer of customer support chats between staff. Perfect for hand-overs or when you need an expert.
  • Staff can work from any location or device. Perfect for people living with disabilities.
  • Our extensive API integrates into any line of business applications such as ERP or CRM.